Top 10 Most Wanted Fish in Japan – 2011

2011/10/13 Top 10 Most Wanted Fish in Japan – 2011

This blog attracts variety of audiences from English speaking cyber world. Consider the fact we are focusing on fly fishing in and out of Tokyo, amount of traffic to each article shows level of interest.

Based on that, these are the top 10 most wanted fish in 2011.

#10: Brown Trout

This fish was introduced to Japan without any plan whatsoever and now flourishing in our northern island of Hokkaido as native run. Gangsta wearing leopard print.

#9: Japanese Amberjack

Being wonderful fighter and delicious dish, amberjack made into top 10. If you like to run on surf and fly fish like crazy, this is your fish. When you meet them in sight fishing condition, you will find how hard it is to make this fish take your fly. That’s good reason this fish exceeds the popularity of tuna (#14) or dorado (#17).

#8:  Lake Trout

Immigrant from Canada only available in Lake Chuzenji. They only come to shallow in low light situation. Meeting them in such condition make chilling experience for both the water temperature you wade in and ghostly scenery of the lake.

#7: Japanese Dace

They go hard and fast on fly regardless of the fact they have a small mouth. They make good day of fly fishing, if you have quick access to upper section of stream.

#6: Pale Chub

Tokyo’s friendliest target fish abundant in middle section of stream for you to play with. Male fish in full colourization will make your catch worthwhile.

#5: Rockfish

Entry fish for Japanese saltwater fly fishing. This fish really rocks. Too bad they taste great and you won’t find big size fish from bank easily.

#4: Sakhalin Taimen

Native of northern Japan now found in stock fishery. Hard skinned predator of the northern water will pull your heart out into the wild. Native run fish in Hokkaido is mostly fished in spring time.

#3: White Spotted Char

Fish now available all over Japan with variation on skin patterns.
Sea run fish are specialty of season in Hokkaido. Sometimes wary, sometimes frank. Fish with unique character.

#2: Japanese Sea Perch

Proud to announce Tokyo’s familiar fish makes to this high rank.
Solid skinned predators who give multiple games to enjoy.  If you have tried striped bass or snook, you will love this fish as well.

#1: Cherry Salmon

No matter what you fish or what you do. You will agree with the beauty of this fish of crown jewel. Landlocked cherry salmon gives you joyful time of fly selection and presentation. Sea run cherry salmon gives you fight which you won’t forget. Experience the beauty of this fish is what you are obliged to do as fly angler in Japan.

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