2011/11/15 River Yu & Lake Yu – Nikko, Tochigi

River Yu and Lake Yu, located in upstream of Lake Chuzenji, were initially stocked by the Scotsman Thomas Glover in 1902 to serve food and recreation to visitors of early resort quarter and summer houses of foreign embassy built along the bank of Lake Chuzenji. Locals call the brook trout “Parlett Trout” after Harold Parlett, British counsel who helped Glover importing first eggs from hatchery in Colorado, the US.

Downstream from Akanuma Point is rock bed stream flowing through forest. Brook trouts hide in deep hole or along the big rock in this area.

Upstream from Akanuma Point is a chalk stream slowly runs through beautiful Senjo-ga-hara Plateu. You see small brook trouts rising for small flies and see school of cherry salmon, stocked originally in the lake upstream.

Most upstream section above Senjo-ga-hara Plateu is mountain stream with mostly brook trout, but occasional rainbow trout and cherry salmon dropping off from upstream lake.


Lake Yu, holding water of the nearby mountains, leads into River Yu which runs for miles into Lake Chuzenji, another trout holding water.


Brook trout, rainbow trout, honmasu trout (F1 bleed between cherry salmon and red-spotted Masu Trout), and himemasu or land-locked kokanee salmon.

Open Season

May 1st – September 30th

Fishing Permit & Regulation

Lake Yuno:
2,600-4,600JPY for boating, otherwise, 2,000-3,600JPY
Bag limit of 20

Yu River:
All catch & release area

Free of charge for kids under 12



Access by Train (from Tokyo Station)

Will update.