Top 10 Most Incredible Fly Fishing People in the World

2012/12/24 Top 10 Most Incredible Fly Fishing People in the World

Anglers are generally considered fanatic in pursuit of their fish. They are so fanatic that they don’t mind spending fortune to catch one fish which you can buy in fish market at a penny. Within this community of fanatics, we even have extraordinary people who keeps this world a wonderful place.

1. This shiek in the Yemen who believes silk is the best alternative to Goretex waders

 Angling Yemen

Source: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – a film


2. Parents of this baby who believes nappy is better alternative when things get wet




 3. This man who doesn’t need waders at all


Source: Pike Fly Fishing Article


4. This client who appreciates nature in both directions


Source: Gink and Gasoline


5. This person who accepts the revenge of hard working grasshopper


Source: unknown


6. This English writer who can’t find his own book of fly fishing


Source: Yellow Pages advert


7. This man who builds a great career out of fly fishing without ever doing it


 Source: A River Runs through It – a film


8. This man who also builds a great career catching & releasing lots of mermaids.



9. Photoshop blond that is just so wrong in all directions


Source: unknown


10. This old man flying over from Finland


Source: Outdoors

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