Help Wanted! Survey on Recreational Angling, Mahseer Trust

2013/10/3 Help Wanted! Survey on Recreational Angling, Mahseer Trust


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Nishikant, PhD Student at the Geography Department of King’s College London is inviting us to participate in the online questionnaire to research the level of environmental awareness and conservation support within the recreational fishing community.

The questionnaire takes no more than five minutes to complete and all respondents will be contributing to an international drive to raise awareness of the conservation benefits of sustainable sport angling worldwide.

Please take a moment to complete the questionnaire at:

Result of the research will be shared with us next year as part of Nishikant’s research on Mahseer species living in Himalayan Rivers where his study sites are located collaborating with Mahseer Trust, UK (

1. What Is Mahseer

Mahseer, tor barb, or Tor tor  (Hamilton, 1822)  is a big game fish of carp family grow beyond 100 cm.  It lives across South East Asia, India, and Persian Gulf Region. Maheer first became popular among British anglers living in India in the 19th century. Today, that popularity is shared by warmwater fly fishing enthusiasts from the world.


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2. Where and How to Fish Mahseer

Himalaya is the well known destination for Mahseers in great condition and sizes.
I will update as I discover more into this fishing:

Guide Service: Himalaya Outback

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