Fly Fishing for Pike 2012

2012/9/30 Fly Fishing for Pike 2012

Fly Fishing for pike is a serious business.
That I can tell after giving it a try in 2011 at  Chew Valley Lake in 2011 where I kept casting heavy flies on 10wt tackle for hours on a boat set to drift over potential pike nesting zones marked on GPS plotter.

Not only set tools and technology to do the right job, but also meeting pike itself is a serious meeting like:


With its size and face full of menace you will be the one to be intimidated. Terrifying look of alligator.

Then when you catch one (I didn’t, it’s caught by Seb Shelton), you will have to deal with this.

Again, you will be intimidated by all these sharp objects in its mouth.


Fly Rod & Reel 

Saltwater-make 8-10wt rods are made right for big pike.
Saltwater-make matching fly reel with enough drag to show respect to this monster.

Fly Line

When you are covering shallow water, you can use floating line with sink tip or intermediate line. In deeper water column such as drop off or channel, then you will need to use full sink Type 4 or more. Taper of line is important to keep casting this heavy rig. Pike taper or saltwater taper will be your choice.


30lb x 3, 20lb x 3, and 16lb x3 to form a taper. Then you tie wire trace.

Wire Trace

I prepare 19 strands wire covered with PVC. One end is made into a loop. Another end is made into a loop with snap swivel on, so that you can change fly if need to.


I have experimented with Enrico Puglisi fiber to see how big fly can become. Then this was the end result.

20cm long… well… how should I name a fly that is as big as trout?

Catch & Release Tools

Fish grip to keep his mouth open and pliers to pull out a fly without touching menacing teeth.


Chew Valley Reservoir is where the game happens. I hear North America and Russia are good. I heard from my late grandfather that he caught a big one in lake in Manchuria.

  • George Bernstein
    Posted at 01:53h, 02 October

    You’ve got mpost of it right. I DO suggest you tie flies with some other fibers than the Puglisi. I (and others I’ve talked too) have found pikes’ teeth tend to catch in teh matted fibers, making it hard, if not impossible, to set a hook well. Then they open their mouths, shake their head, and the fly comes out.

    Good luck. I didn’t know pike have been stocked in Japan.

    The pike fly guy

    • neversink
      Posted at 14:59h, 05 October

      In England, actually. Thanks for kind advice.