Carp from Skiff

2011/1/20 Carp from Skiff

I have tried a fly on carp while I was on a row boat going after bass, but never thought someone would try that from a skiff. This surely looks like a fun way to go after carp.


  • hama
    Posted at 12:33h, 22 January

    wow…..carp from skiff….this is an eye opener…..this look much nicer than I thought about carp on a fly…Thansk for special article. The thing is that I do not have flies for those. I may need to ask those back to friends…hahaha.

    • neversink
      Posted at 05:53h, 23 January

      Heey good to see you back online, Hama-san.
      Truly an eye opener, isn’t it? You should check out more about warm water fly fishing
      in Southern United States. They have long history making this into proper leisure.

  • martyn white
    Posted at 11:07h, 23 January

    craws craws craws. I love carp

  • GourmetSportsman
    Posted at 02:15h, 26 March

    That’s Conway Bowman from San Diego. I have met him several times in fact I attended one of his carp seminars. He is better known here for fly fishing Mako Sharks. He is becoming more and more “famous” as he had several of his own TV shows and films. Neversink if you’re ever in Southern CA I can put you in touch with him. The carp in that video are nothing like the carp he has caught in the past, massive fish.

    Here is another video:

    • neversink
      Posted at 08:00h, 29 March

      San Diego can be our family travel destination, so I will surely go there someday.
      I have been to San Diego over number of times myself to spend summer or few days, but never
      came across my mind that it’s good fly fishing destinations.
      Thanks for the insight.