2014/4/17 Packing for Boat Game

When traveling for fishing, it’s very useful to keep things agile and mobile. It is likely that you are rushing when driving to fishing dock then get on guide boat whose loading space is often very messy which will distract you from remember what you are carrying with you. This is an occasion you lose something or forget to bring in, so keeping things concisely organized as habits will make your fishing life easy.

1. Bags: Base Storage & Mobility

Best way to organize things for automobile or boat game is to bring all the things you need in organized fashion at the same time prepare to keep immediate items as mobile as possible. I use Simms Dry Creek Boat Bag as a base storage and Shimano Xefo Hipbag as mobility bag.


2. Base Storage

I put my gadgets, wears, gears, and tackles in water proof base storage. I sometimes throw in my food and beverages when the trip exceeds 5 hours. Simms’ bag has quite a huge capacity, but Shimano offers more functional bags.


When it comes to boat game, most important things are: (from left to right in clockwise)

  • Self-inflatable life vest
  • Rain gear (pants and jacket)
  • Hat
  • Face mask (protection from cold and sunlight)
  • Hand groves


3. Mobility Bag

Items for fishing needs immediate access and they are better kept mobile in small bag.
For instance, this is what I keep handy: (from top left  to bottom right)

  • Polarized sunglasses (low light shade for morning, high light shade for day)
  • Forceps
  • Plyer
  • Fish Grip
  • Fly box & rig items
  • Slip grip (to hold wet rod)
  • Fish measure
  • Head light
  • Handy GPS (to keep tide information and current location up to date)
  • Water proof digital camera
  • Lanyard (with fly patch, clipper, and etc)
  • Tippets



When the game is non-fly fishing, then I replace the fly box with lure box. But very much the same composition.

 4. Line Basket & Fly Fishing Outfits

I bring line basket only on occasion when I have to make careful and frequent line management on awkward terrains. When boat is filled with obstacles, when I need to cast in bumpy situation, or when I use switch rod with running line.


Upon management of fly fishing outfit, velcro rod belt comes very handy in organizing 4 pc or 2pc rods. Sometimes, you decide to assemble or disassemble an outfit and it’s always nice to keep things neatly compact.