Measurement Unit: “Go” for Strength of Line

2013/9/11 Measurement Unit: “Go” for Strength of Line


“号” or Go is a unit used in Japan measuring the strength of fishing line somewhat similar to “X” system in tippet that it is determined by the diameter of the line, but Go is more logical and easy to understand. When number of Go increases so as the diameter.

1. “GO” as in Leader Mono Filament


If you are using mono filament line, there is a margin of error depending on nylon or fluoro carbon, but you can use:

1 Go  =  3.2 Pound

So, if you are fishing for sensitive Yamame, then you will be using 0.5 go which is 2lb test. If you are rigging for dogtooth tuna, then you will be using 50 go or 200lb test.

Conversion Chart for Using for Tippet

Go Tippet Class
 0.2 8X
 0.4 7X
 0.6 6X
 0.8 5X
 1.0 4X
 1.5 3X
 2.0 2X
 2.5 1X
 3.0 0X
3.5 01X
4.0 02X
5.0 03X


2. “GO” as in PE Line


Strength of PE line depends on how many braids it is composed of and the material used. By the way, PE means “PolyEthylene” otherwise, it is another kind of braided line.

1 Go  = 10 Pound

If you have 3 Go PE line then you can replace 30lb test Dakron braided backing line. PE line in 3 go (0.285mm) is thinner than dakron in 30lb (0.624mm), so if you are concerned about the capacity of backing on your reel, you can use PE line to increase that capacity.

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