2012/8/12 Mangrove Hip Shooter – A stripping basket of choice

I originally posted this article in 2008 after thorough research on stripping baskets available on market. This is still true today, so reposting with updates.

Haven’t you ever tired of Orvis stripping basket for you can hardly pack when travelling? Could William Joseph really does the trick when mesh is too soft against blowing wind?
You may want to give it a shot for this basket one day.


Hint of Improvement

The binding originally come with the package does not hold the basket in position, if you are wading in water above hip level. You need to make 2 slits on the side facing your body then put through a belt.

Mangrove Replacement Cones & Pins

I found a listing for replacement cones & pins.


If you’d like to know what could be worse than paying so much for piece of plastic or form, please click the banner bellow.

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