Wheels of Fortune 2 – Passion of Fire –

04 Feb Wheels of Fortune 2 – Passion of Fire –

Andy is all-time outdoor enthusiast destined to come to the Orders of Fly Fishing (which is a dramatization of what you and I are very much into already). Not only he is from England where Order was founded, but he also came from the town of Malvern, Worcestershire that makes him 1 out of 28 thousand people who live by the  home of Richard Wheatley’s, world’s premium manifacture for  alminium fly box. Andy met his wife sharing outdoor experience, and he got her father’s consent by sharing the same hobby as he does which is fishing.
May I repeat myself once more? Andy is destined to do fly fishing with extraordinary enthusiasm.

I hope that introduction excuses Andy from buying 4 fly fishing tackles 4, 6, 9, and 12 wt in his first year.
He is now a Jedi ready to play with small trouts in river to meter long dorado in Pacific Ocean.
Force (of purchase) is strong in him! Lucky that the Order found him before masters of fly shops did.