Wheels of Fortune 1.1 – Confession –

08 Feb Wheels of Fortune 1.1 – Confession –

(It’s probably not fair to pick on Andy alone, so here is re-post from old blog with update)

As I was cleaning my desk and shelves last Sunday, I came across a line of maintenance work for fishing tackle. Highlight came when I finished cleaning and greasing the wheels, and things turned quite photogenic.

Parking of wheels. From Orvis Battenkill for 3wt to Hardy Zane for 12wt. From trout rising in clear mountain water to tuna rocketing through waves in blue water. Each wheel spins a story of its own. Each one of them had to go through serious review by financial director, my wife. Good part is that these wheels yield so much good luck and success to me. They are truly wheels of fortune.


They cost me money before, during, and after fishing. They caused me pain both psychologically when breaking soft tippet and physically when breaking my knuckle trying to stop fish eating 100 yards of backing line. Not all of them passed the financial reviews, so I sometimes had to smuggle them in my closet using careful operation.

Then comes the 9th wheel for 8wt from Florida… This is it. I won’t be needing any more fly reels, ever! This will be my sight-fishing-only fly reel for shallows carrying the very emblem I’m after. It will not carry anything ridiculous such as sinking line or shooting head! This wheel will never touch water less clear than one in reef.

And then… November 2010 was a good deal for another reel from Florida…
Large arbor for 4wt tackle.
I guess it’s STILL my karma that’s spinning on these wheels…