2011/9/30 Daiwa Lochmore LA Fly Reel – Honest Tools that Work

Daiwa or Daiwa Seiko has been in fishing business since 1955 when they started as production house for reels for exports. My first lure tackle was Daiwa and I used several bait reels as well. It’s not exciting brand, but reliable honest brand.

I have got my first Daiwa Lochmor LA 7/8 in 2006 when I was considering saltwater fly fishing. It is made from just enough specifications. Bar stock aluminium guarantee it is rust free. One-way clutched ball bearing disc drag will live on with minimum maintenance required and give smooth drag strong enough for inshore fish or trout. Reel spool is designed in large arbor with enough capacity of WF 6wt with 200 yds or WF 8wt with 130 yds of 20lb backing.

Then my Lochmor LA7/8 stopped sea perch, rockfish, small trevallies, rainbow trout, taimen, and largemouth bass. In all these fights, it stood firmly without getting stack or performed less. No decoration whatsoever and it scratches easily for no hard coating on top. But it just looks aluminium and did the work great.

That functional beauty led me to buy LA 4/5 (on the left), made smaller for trout fishing, and LA Spey 9/10 (on the right), made larger for spey lines. Design are slightly different, but they are fundamentally the same reels.

Today, my Daiwa Lochmor LA 7/8 meets its match with Ross Flystik 6wt. Together they make versatile tackle for freshwater and saltwater.

My LA 4/5 still sits with my Sage Launch 5wt who still give me pleasure in dry fly or nymph fishing.

And… I bought another LA 7/8 for my 8wt. Now they are discontinued, so I’d strongly recommend you to get hold of this reel when you find one in auction.