2014/9/26 Less Harmful and Mobile Landing Net

When fishing in variety of terrains, we often find one landing net doesn’t quite come handy in all situations. More likely so, when you are using longer single-hand rod or two-hand rods, because that extra length will add more challenge between you and your fish.

One way to compensate this to let fish tire out more, but that can increase the fatality of the fish. How about extend the length of landing net when you need to?


1. Prox All In One 300

First, you need this net. This telescopic net extends to 300cm (10ft) and it stays retracted when not in use. It’s a variation of Japanese “tamo” net, which commonly comes with ajoint section with a screw hole for UNC 1/2 inch, so you can replace the net section with the one you like the best.


2. Replacement Net

Then you need to replace the original net with this less harmful silicone net.
Silicone rubber is proven in both recreational and commercial fishing least harmful to the skin of fish. Also the benefit of this type of net not scratching off fish’s slime is that you can come home with much less odor left on your landing net.


3. Application

I found this net very useful when fishing:

  • With two-hand tackle in river/lake
  • With Tenkara
  • From concrete-blocked river bank or jetty
  • In rocky shore avoiding dangerous wave


4. Where to Buy

Search for “Prox all in one”.