2012/8/16 Choices of Stripping Basket

This review is strictly based on an observation from fly angler like myself who fish by walking, wading, and boating in all water terrain types. I tend to jump over obstacles when I’m in intense fishing, so durability as well as mobility is the key. I also hate hitting my elbows every time I double haul or strip lines.

1. Collapsable Basket

When you don’t have to worry about deep wading or walking/wading in water terrain where you shouldn’t be going any deeper than your knee (surf, reef, or any wavy place), then this comes the best choice, because the position of basket will be ergonomically at the best and it has drain holes to let water out to keep you safe in case wave hits you.

Mangroove Hip Shooter

Light, soft, and ergonomically designed, and deep enough to keep the line where you want it to be. I continue using this one and I take it from surf to offshore boating. You can make minor modification to original design to make it fit for versatile use. Please read: Mangrove Hip Shooter for more detail.
Only issue is that packing size isn’t as small as C&F Outrange.

C&F Outrange

Probably the best choice in market today, if you look for collapsable basket with light weight and ease of packing. It comes with 10 cones that can be stored within the foam bottom.  Whole thing is only 60g and nicely fit within a stuff bag that comes in package. Haven’t tested it myself yet, but

Little Presents

Designed for sea run trout fishing from surf. It has storage pockets outside the basket. Good reviews, but I’m bit worried how it works under very windy condition.

River Guide: Line Basket + Line Through

River Guide’s system is made of 2 separate parts. Line Through with cones that can be use individually, and Line Basket (M/L/LL) that has mesh in the back where water escapes.

I see good reviews on this system, and people who complains about the weight of Caps tend to choose this basket.

Caps: Large Mouth Basket

Very good reviews and only problem is the weight and durability. It’s pretty damn heavy to move about in surf, but it does hold your line really well. Great choice, if you know you will stay in one spot long enough in windy day.

2. Solid Basket or “Lunch Box”

Solid box is good for 2 things. It will float hard when you are deep wading and it is shallow enough to send line out smoothly. However, it’s extremely dangerous to use this box in surf or reef where wave can knock you from any side hard while these boxes don’t have drain hole to let go of water. Only occasion I use this box is when I’m wading calm water such as lake or shallows in bay water.


Classic. I have this basket for long time. Just look at it… I can’t stand this design any more… It hurts my eyes as much as it hurts my elbows when I’m double hauling. It’s uncomfortable, uncool, and it’s not cheap. Yet this was the only choice when I go deep wading.

Line Kurv (formerly produced by L.L. Bean)

Many people recommended me to go after this basket, then it was discontinued by L.L. Bean. Currently distributed by C&F in Japan. This basket has more ergonomically correct design. From what I have tested doing double hauling, you are 20-30% less likely to hit your elbow compared with Orvis’.

3. Compact Mesh Type

Travelling fly anglers used to take one of these. Mesh welcomes both wind and wave, so this is most likely to be used in soft condition. Major disadvantage of this type is that it doesn’t have corns or pins to keep line separated well enough, so you will suffer tangling problems if you use line length more than 10m/30 feet.

William Joseph

Classic and does the job right. I borrowed this from my friend once and it was comfortable using except… tangling problems and it’s useless in windy situation. On the other hand many anglers went away to New Zealand for trout fishing were happy with this. Probably the best compact choice when you go on drift boat or less windy situation.

L.L. Bean

They gave up on their own design, but inherited William Joseph… I have no idea how they manage their product portfolio.


4. Bucket

You mean “basket”? No it is stripping BUCKET for hard core boat anglers. Completely eliminates the effect of wind once lines are put inside. Good only for boat.

Coleman Pop-up Multi Box


This is the best solution I can find in Japan. Details here: How To Make Coleman Stripping Bucket

Fiskars Kangaroo Gardening Container

Garden container? Yes. You gotta show some spritis in DIY outside of fly tying sometimes.

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