Daiichi Seiko Recycler DS – Line Winder

16 Jan Daiichi Seiko Recycler DS – Line Winder

Changing line is always big pain in the arse, especially when you have multiple tackles to go about. Let’s say you have 9wt reel with floating fly line with 150 yards of 20lb dacron as backing on it. Someone calls you that you have good deals of going offshore fishing tomorrow. Now you want express sinking line with 200 yards of PE line as backing. What would you do?

How about end of the season maintenance. You notice that your backing line looks very faded and see salt residue piling up. What if that happens on fly reel for 12wt with loads of backing? You may have spinning reel with PE line on it as well.

That’s why you want line winder system. I tried several different tools before from cheap saving $£ to Tibor LineMaster. They are all half measure and never give you the full swing you need. They are all too unstable or too slow. Worst of all, they aren’t made for both fly and spinning reels.


That’s why choice was: Daiichi Seiko’s Recycler DS. This full solution line winder comes with 2 shafts and 1 large arbor spool to make your life easy. First shaft is made with actual bait casting reel handle and drag gear. You can set the first shaft drag free to act as spool holder or…


Tighten the drag to yank the line out of your reel. You see the 2nd shaft with rod handle attached for reel support (fits with any type of reel) or take the rod handle out to make the 2nd shaft free with another spool. You can use Recycler DS in the all situations: spool-to-spool, reel-to-spool, and spool-to-reel. There are others who could do this, but not with drag or speed handle. Recycler DS is composed of:

– Main body with cramp, reel shaft, and spool shaft
– Detachable rod handle (to be inserted into the 2nd handle)
– Large arbor spool with line stopper and holes (you can take it out for freshwater wash)

The whole rig fits inside compact dry mesh bag which you can put into your tackle box, if you want to take it out for tour.

If you are interested in, you can purchase one from below:

Daiichi Seiko Recycler DS: Amazon