Mounting Feiyu Tech G4 Handheld Gimbal to GoPro Mounting System

2015/12/11 Mounting Feiyu Tech G4 Handheld Gimbal to GoPro Mounting System

GoPro provides great solution for video makers who wants to shoot to document the event or capture great moment while keep engaging in activity being close the where action is. Feiyu Tech’s handheld gimbal adds stability to those shots where much bigger manually operated camera stabilizer used to help. However, there is a problem when you don’t intend to hold it in your hands. You can’t quite put this away safely or make your hands free, because this system is difficult to stand alone or stored without worrying about dropping it, because it’s powered and head heavy.

Feiyu Tech does produce “wearable” gimbal now, but it is a trade off of reducing the capacity of battery by downsizing the whole thing while keeping camera too close to your body does not actually help reduce the potential shake added to your shots. Ideal solution is to keep this gimbal as is, but find a way to mount it to existing GoPro mounting system so that I can also mount this device to tripod and monopod.


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GoPro Screw

GoPro uses M5 standard bolt (pitch of 0.8mm) for its thumb screw.
Then you have

Standard Screw: 45mm
Short Screw: 35mm

Attaching Fei Yu G4 Stabilizer to GoPro Adopter

Standard Screw: 45mm + 10mm = 55mm
Short Screw: 35mm + 10mm = 45mm