Learning Fly Fishing: Text Video

2015/12/14 Learning Fly Fishing: Text Video

Learning fly fishing is not that complicated, but need to learn each key points to build a fly fishing person out of you. This video comes from the text version instruction which was developed to be read only on key points in 30 minutes before moving into field practice involving casting. So, please note that this text requires follow up with actual instruction session or other supplemental material.

I myself come from the past starting fly fishing with old Cortland starter kit with VHS instruction that I purchased in small tackle shop in New York during my 3 day vacation to a place I found on vancouver mls, watched the video that night in motel room for only 30 minutes on the part about how to cast, then next day practiced casting for 30 minutes on the lawn behind the carpark before going into the river nearby copying what the video programm was showing. And I had a great day catching  my first fish on my fly tackle. So, I guarantee that’s all it takes to ignite your learning passion and prepare you for the sports.

Watch the Video: Learning Fly Fishing V6

This presentation was previously prepared as print text and designed to prepare learning person before going into the field practice. So, please make sure to be ready for real practice to be accompanied.

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  • Overview
    • What Is Fly Fishing?
    • What Fish & Where?
    • Why Fish Strikes on Artificial Fly?
  • The Sport
    • Reading & Positioning
    • Casting
    • Presentation
    • Detecting Strike & Setting Hook
    • Fighting & Landing
    • Examining & Releasing
  • Equipment
    • Basic Equipment: Fly Tackle
    • Fly Rod & Fly Line
    • Fly Reel & Backing Line
    • Leader & Tippet
    • Fly
    • Basic Accessories
    • Fishing Aid
    • Landing Gears
    • Positioning Aid
  • Casting
    • What Is Conventional Casting
    • What Is Fly Casting
    • Acceleration of Rod Tip
    • Positively Stopping the Rod
    • Launching Head of Fly Line
    • Flying “Loop” of Head of Fly Line
    • Final Turn Over
    • Watch How Rod Tip Travels: Correct
    • Watch How Rod Tip Travels: Wrong
  • The Basic Practice
    • Work of Two Hands: Single-hand Fly Rod
    • Work of Two Hands: Two-hand Fly Rod
    • Practice 1: Forward Cast Basic
    • Practice 2: Pick Up & Lay Down
    • Practice 3: False Casting Challenge
    • Practice 4: False Cast & Lay Down
    • Practice 5: False Cast & Extend the Full Head
    • Practice 6: False Cast & Shoot

Guideline for Practice Tackle

Every person comes with different physical features, so it is very important to match the tackle’s weight when doing practice on fly casting especially for the first time. You need to be able to feel enough feedback from the rod to be able to tell when something is going smooth or wrong, but you don’t want to get tired too soon using that tackle.

If you are not confident about firm wrist or children with not enough wrist strength, please choose this weight for practice.

シーケンス 02.00_00_30_24.Still001

Ally, took her practice on 4wt, but soon upgraded to 6wt having good wrist coming from the background that she is used to netting salmon.

It is also recommended to hold with two hands from time to time.

シーケンス 02.00_00_37_22.Still003

Yuto practiced with 4wt rod with single hand holding then switched to two hands holding after feeling fatigue. He then switched to 3wt to comfortably cast and caught a fish after this

For standard, please choose this weight

シーケンス 02.00_00_27_21.Still002

Takashi practicing on 6wt coming from good balance of finesse and forcefulness coming from baseball background.

If you are well-made with strong muscle, please select this weight otherwise you don’t feel enough feedback from your cast.

シーケンス 02.00_00_46_03.Still005

Paul on 8wt coming from rugby and field hockey background needing enough weight to feel the feedback

Next Step

The video, skipping lower priority details, won’t take more than 30 minutes to finish watching. But what’s important is your next 30 minutes which should be in the field practice which you can do with your select fit tackle or you can consult with me for lessons. Contact information is at the end of video.

If you want to go ahead and DIY, then please use following helpful resources:

Background of “60 Minutes”

“How to teach fly fishing to a person who has hardly held a fishing rod in 60 minutes”was how this started back in 2009. I have been sort of guide person to attend visiting anglers of all levels, their accompaniment who wants to join, and sometimes curious tourists walking by river who want to try for few hours. My method is a result of try & error in above engagement with strong foundation in the late Mel Krieger sensei’s teaching and with supports from instructors from IFFF (International Federation of Fly Fishers).