Trout of Cherry Blossoms Season – River Aki, Tokyo

05 Apr Trout of Cherry Blossoms Season – River Aki, Tokyo

Tokyo’s open season for trout is the 1st of March, but it is bit of risk for me to come out too early in mountain streams considering the volume of allergen floating in the air, especially the dreadful cedar pollen. I could have picked other streams afar where I don’t need to worry about the presence of cedar, but since this is “Tokyo” Fly Fishing & Country Club, my open season trout must be fished in Tokyo’s mountain streams. In my case, it is always River Aki for cherry salmon, River Nippara for white-spotted char.

So I waited for the right moment when it rains when moisture and wet surface force pollen to stay still. Then I drove to River Aki.

Obviously, made the right choice of destination for cherry blossoms and cherry salmons makes fantastic combination of festive mood of Spring.

As I arrived at my secret spot for streamborn cherry salmons, rain hasn’t started yet.

Which makes me hope to look for good sign on the surface of water and…

Luckily, hatch of mayflies cerebrated my humble visit for the season.

2 fishes on dry fly.

3 fishes on nymph.

Accident happend as I forgot to put my LYTRO camera in dry bag, so the camera stopped operating from time to time.
But once moisture is gone, it regained to be fully operative. Pretty tough camera, huh?