Shishidome Fish-on With my Son.

Red Rainbow

01 Jun Shishidome Fish-on With my Son.

Okay so here is a kinda long article about my Son and I fishing at Fish-on in Shishidome on 24 May 2015.  It was a lot of fun and man did I learn a lot this day.  I read the water and the hatch and had a bunch of good takes when a lot of people were not getting a thing.  In addition, I even got a cherry trout in a place that I was  not expecting to!!!  I was told that there were not cherry trout in the area I was in, but man did this one cherry trout rise fast and took a size 12 yellow humpy like he had not eaten in over a week!!!  All in all it was a really good day for me and my son.  I really like Shishidome and plan to go camping out there later this year.


So here is the link to the full story on my blog:

Tight Lines and Keep it Reel!!