Return Trip on VW Camp Van: Part 1 – Gifu & Nagoya

30 Jun Return Trip on VW Camp Van: Part 1 – Gifu & Nagoya

Long waited 1996 VW Eurovan camper is finally ready for pick up in the dealer in Gifu, so I packed for bullet train trip to Hatori Station in Gifu.

Although the car is 20 years old, engine runs very smoothly and I only needed to work on wheels.
LP gas system not meeting Japanese regulation was removed and we installed 5kg LP tank to power furnace, kitchen stove, and 3 way refrigerator.


Idea is to use this VW van for multi-purpose. Picking up cargo at the air/seaport, transport clients and run meeting inside while serving cold/hot drinks, work as office inside using Mac connected to cloud service only wifi internet away, stay overnight as mobile hotel room, and pop up shop being able to provide power and storage for merchandise display. You name the work, this van will deliver while being small enough to park in city car parks.


Such as this. Letting me go in and out of city to do meetings such big city as Nagoya.


While allowing me to change clothing to meet the occasion. If I want, I can manage order fulfillment for online shops in the carpark.


But for this trip, it serves not only for versatile business purposes, but also … of course, riverside fishing lodge. Except I wasn’t sure how much time I had aside making important visit to my business partners and friends first. Today, we have wide selection of mobile-outdoor tools such as this Outwell lantern than can be lit with AA battery or USB power.


Using multiple LED lantern, especially enevu CUBE that can produce random colour light, makes the interior space very relaxing when parked as small hotel room.


And the pop up roof tent made of cotton with mesh let in natural wind from the height of higher floor where I don’t feel too much presence of cars parked next to mine. Again, using enevu CUBE helps make this limited space quite comfortable.


What about about fishing? Let’s continue to Part 2…