2017/4/24 Walk A Mile for A Cherry Salmon: River Yozuku, Tanzawa, Kanagawa

It has been quite a while since the last time I went out fishing with Harima-san and it would be our first time to actually fish in trout stream together since we usually went out for saltwater fishing. Then we decided to go fish in the mountain stream upstream to Lake Tanzawa forming wild life sanctuary.

I left a night before to get River Sakawa fishing license ahead then joined by Harima-san to drive to the carpark together where we waited the night to clear. Just before we got to the carpark, long horn buck was slowly walking across the road not even bothered by our presence letting us know that we have already stepped into wild territory.

We then took a nap before we set out past 4:30am to the check in board at the entrance of River Yozuku.
This river use beat system where each angler needs to declare which subdivided branch aka beat to fish at before entrance. Main part of River Yozuku seems not fully recovering from the devastating typhoon some years ago, so Harima-san and I decided to take on River Omata where we must walk 100 minutes and so we did.

Results & Data

  • Fish: Cherry Salmon x 1
  • Flies: CDC Dun #18
  • Line System: 8ft of tapered leader, 3-6ft of tippet fuluoro carbon 8x (0.3 gou)
  • Fly Line: Scientific Anglers Supra Trout Floating DT0F
  • Fly Reel: Oris Battenkill I
  • Fly Rod: Tiemco Euflex Infante 800-4