Massive Catch Under The Full Moon – Yokohama

2014/4/15 Massive Catch Under The Full Moon – Yokohama


It’s been quite sometimes since the last time I went on board Pallas FGS. Changes in working environment, concentration on important projects, and awkward corporate politics held me back from having this particular kind of good time. Then while I was talking with Captain Shikanai over the upcoming booking for boat game, he ignited my deep buried passion. Last thing I remembered was I jumped on my car and headed towards Yokohama.

1. Warm Up with Boil Game

First spot was wide bright area creating strong shades where school of perches were boiling all over the place making it easier for me to catch up.  Average size of the fish was small around 25-44cm, and the modified version of Iwai Minnow worked like candy. I could continue on, but I got tired when the count of fish went beyond 20.


  2. Shade Game

Second location onward hosted fish in 45-55cm sizes in little more difficult spot to cast. 9wt tackle made it rather noisy, but easy for me to stably continue casting. I caught another 20+ fish including 15 x 50cm above fish.


3. Sight Fishing for Good Size Fish

Condition was so good, so Captain Shikanai took me out for rare occasion in which I could “sight fish” perch in the middle of night. It is really a miracle to have “full moon”, “high tide”, and “no wind” to keep the surface of water flat like a mirror.


This is the time when it is so true that “you can’t win everything”. Frequent catch & release of sea perches damaged my fly line in relatively short period of time. Tippet kept breaking, leader splitting, and loop at the tip of fly line broke off as well!

But at the same time, accidents sharpened my senses and I began spotting huge fish in 60cm, 70cm, and…80cm in few spots.

Cruising giants in 70-80cm didn’t even react to perfectly presented fly, but ones hiding in dark shade began to react only when boat kept certain distance. I caught 64cm fish and 66cm fish in long cast. Unfortunately, there were 2 occasions in which striking fish broke tippet. They didn’t move much and I felt familiar “tzzzzzz” feeling that was a indication fish is above 70cm with aging hard jaw.


Altogether, that was a fantastic game that I will remember for years.
Next time, I need to make sure to tune my senses for few good shots for big ones.


Game Time:  0:30 – 4:30
Tide: Spring tide, rising
Weather: Bright

Boil Game: 30-40cm x 20+
Shade Game: 40-50cm x 20+
Sight Fishing: 64cm x 1, 66cm x 1

Tackle: Sage Xi2 9wt x intermediate line x streamer around 5-7cm

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