2014/7/29 Fly Fishing in the Rivers of Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido

Hokkaido as Great Fly Fishing Destination


Japan holds total of 12 species of salmon family fishes and Hokkaido hosts 9 of them. With great area of island covered in untouched forest, Hokkaido has the largest concentration of taimen, salmon, trout, and char in Japan.

1. Salmon/Trout
– Chum salmon
– Pink salmon
– Sockeye salmon (mostly landlocked)
– Cherry salmon
– Rainbow trout
– Brown trout

2. Char
– White spotted char
– Dolly varden trout

3. Taimen
– Sakhalin taimen

Regulation on Salmons and Cherry Salmon

Please be aware that only salmon you are allowed to catch in freshwater is landlcoked or lake-run cherry salmon.
All other salmons are prohibited to catch in rivers. There are good chances to catch salmon from the coast in season.

Wild Life

Hokkaido has a great bear habitat and Shiretoko Peninsula has the highest concentration of brown bear population who love salmon family fishes like us.
Please take precaution and carry something that produces noise (bells or radio) to keep bears away.