2014/9/7 Fly Fishing in the Highland of Nikko, Tochigi

Highland of Nikko & Oze

Highland of Nikko and Oze makes national park where historical fishery was formed in Lake Chuzenji, River Yu, and Lake Marunuma who have been providing angling excitement since the time of Empires both British and Japanese. There is a long forgotten story of angling fanatics of freshwater from both nations gathering in this remote place forgetting about their great ambition and melting into spectacular view of nature.

1873     Sadagoro Hoshino migrates 2,200 white spotted chars to Lake Chuzenji above Kegon Falls
1875     Sir Ernest Satow, translation secretary of British Embassy then, publishes A Guidebook to Nikko
1881     Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce opens hatchery near Nikko
1886     Fishery cooperative is established on Lake Chuzenji by Tozaburo Oshima
1887     Ministry's hatchery begin stocking programme on Lake Chuzenji / first British summer house built
1888     Railway opens between Tokyo and Utusunomiya, capital of Tochigi Prefecture
1889     Thomas Glover fishes Lake Chuzenji for the first time with Rikichi Nakamura, author of Fishing Hooks Chronicles
1890     Railway extends from Utsunomiya to Nikko
1893     Oshima begins stocking programme of trouts on River Yu
1894     Glover builds summer house at Lake Chuzenji
1895     Satow returns to Japan as British Ambassador this time
1896     Satow builds summer house for British Embassy near Lake Chuzenji
1897     Glover fishes River Yu for the first time
1899     Viscount Edward Grey's Fly Fishing is first published from J.M. Dent in London
1902     Glover finances wholly on the stocking of River Yu with brook trout / Anglo-Japan Alliance is signed
1904     Second stocking on River Yu / Russo-Japan War brakes out
1905     Satow's Japanese son, Hisayoshi Takeda establishes Japan Alpine Club and became known as Father of Oze
1911      Revision on Anglo-Japan Treaty of Commerce & Navigation into equal condition signed between Viscount Grey and Count Takaaki Kato
1912     Baron Keijiro Nabeshima and Doctor Hisashi Hijikata fishes Lake Marnuma for rainbow trout
1913     Nabeshima and Hijikata fishes Lake Marunuma again
1914     Marunuma Trout Angling Club is established by Baron Nabeshima and Doctor Hijikata, appointing Viscount Kato as Chair Person
1917     Bus opens between Nikko and Umagaeshi
1923     Hans Hunter, as a member of Marunuma Trout Angling Club, visits Lake Chuzenji and meets Hisaharu Oshima
1925     Tokyo Angling & Country Club is established by Hans Hunter appointing Viscount Kato as President / Bus opens between Nikko and Lake Chuzenji
1927     Hunter buys Glovers' summer house and converts into his club house
1928     Prince Chichibu, Prince Higashikuze, and Prince Asaka become associate members of the club
1929     Prince Henry Duke of Gloucester visits Lake Chuzenji
1934     Nikko becomes State Park