Club Night Out, April 2014 – Yokohama

2014/4/28 Club Night Out, April 2014 – Yokohama

Club hasn’t been going out much lately, and it’s always a great occasion when new member asks for fresh new game in Tokyo. In this case, it was Martin from Quebec who makes routine visit to Japan seeking new excitement and the club always answer.
Captain Shikanai and I discussed several opportunities then concluded that we go for the shade game in canals which covers all the angles you can never dream of if you are fishing from the bank.

1. Warm Up with Boil Game

It stared out with rather strong wind and there weren’t much boiling when we got to the first spot with wide bright area.
Martyn, of Scotland (there are 2 Martins), nailed the first fish.

コピー ~ L1150638

2. Shade Game

War up session was done with good productivity, so we moved on for the second location where fishing techniques is appreciated by good size fish.
Martin of Quebec, who has good experience of guiding anglers himself, didn’t miss the spot. Turned out to be the best fish of the night at 60cm+.

コピー ~ L1150643

3. Shooting

Me, on the other hand, managed to catch 2 small fish while shooting videos to capture the moment.
I took out my Sony HDR-SR11 HD camcoder, Pentax WG-III digital camera, and recently acqruied GoPro Hero 3 Plus action video recorder. Much to my amusement, it was Pentax WG-III that gave me most of the great picture while Sony camcoder was too bulky and GoPro couldn’t cover the low light situation. I think there is great potential of compact size digital camera to film sporting actions as they have more capacity than GoPro and more mobile than HD camcoder or digital SLR. I hope you get the essence from my video.


Game Time:  23:30 – 4:30
Tide: Medium tide, rising
Weather: Bright, bit windy (4-8m/sec)

Boil Game: 30-40cm x 2
Shade Game: 30-30cm x 4+, 60cm x 1

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