A Bit of Fishing – Phuket, Thailand

2014/2/1 A Bit of Fishing – Phuket, Thailand

I went away 21 – 27 January to Phuket, Thailand for business conference and a weekend hoping to cover little fishing.

923427_10152138867249322_1979261110_nStarted with nice accommodation of Thai Air’s Airbus A-380 between Narita and Bangkok thanks to my boss and his French speaking assistant who knows the meaning of delicacy.


And the hotel. Le Meridian Phuket in private cove with a sandy beach.

This is what the terrain looks like. Not that easy walking around, but worth the exercise, because you will find…


Mangrove red snappers!

IMGP0152And the largest one I caught was this 3ocm long fish.


Really beautiful fish who fight hard vertically into its nest. I didn’t have a luck catching it in Iriomote Island in Japan, but happily reunited in Thailand.


Just the way I like it with no hustle. 6 wt pack rod with Mikura Candy.


But always be mindful how much you drink and party in one night in town.

DSC_0007Because it surely doesn’t mix well with walking through rocky reef next morning.

DSC_0015And just because Phuket Fishing Park use the typeface that reminds you of Jurassic Park.

And because it does provide jungle village atmosphere.


It is not a dinosaurs that will amuse you with sleeping face down in scorching heat.

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