Zauo – Catch & Eat Restaurant

Zauo Shinjuku is located in Washington Hotel in Shinjuku nearby Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. They have 2 other locations in Tokyo at Kamedo and Meguro.

1. Sit Down and Flip through Menu

First, you sit down at the table, order few drinks, and flip through menu to order few starter while you contemplate what fish you would like to catch and eat. Then you come to a page showing the sample price of fish. For instance, red seabream is 3,200 JPY as orderd, but 2,380 JPY as fished. Jack is 680 JPY and so forth. The menu also tells you how much extra is required for style of cooking, for example, to make sushi out of fish you catch at 50 JPY piece.


There is a big sticker in the centre of menu says; “NO CATCH & RELEASE PERMITTED” that gives you a good reminder not to play with your food too much.

2. Tackle & Rig

When you are relaxed with few drinks and starters, you can ask waiters to bring you a fishing pole. It’s a simple set up with a handrod, PE line, sometimes mono filament leader, a sinker, and a hook. You have to order a pack of bait shrimp which is 100 JPY.


3. Fishery – Catch & Keep

When at the fishery, you see fish swimming or caged inside boxes for ease of catch. It isn’t as easy as you think, so make the best of your fishing skill. For catching shellfish and lobster, you have to foul hook them while minding your sense of guilt and the pricing on the wall for extra big fish. Be careful. You may end up catching one fish that is more than 16,000 JPY.

Catch & release is not permitted here, so make you best aim.


4. Place for Cooking – Catch & Eat

When you successfully land your catch into the net, call out for a waiter and tell your preferred method of cooking. Tell which table number to charge this to. Then you are all set.


5. Feasting Time

You can continue catching few more to make your feast or return to your table and wait. When it’s ready… Tada!


In this case, my friend ordered for sashimi free of charge. Enjoy the fresh taste and choice of soy source from various regions.

6. Information

Zauo Shinjuku
1st Floor of Washington Hotel
3-2-9 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0023

7. Map

8. More?

If you have more interest in “FISHING” than “EATING”, please contact us for variety of fishing opportunities. We are club with all level of anglers.

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