Ogasawara Archipelago, Tokyo – Day 13

2013/5/13 Ogasawara Archipelago, Tokyo – Day 13

Now going back to the Metropolitan District of Tokyo on board Ogasawara-maru. Familiar faces of the islands were actuall on board as well and with their help I have managed to catch 5 new saltwater species and 1 new fresh/brackish water specimen on fly tackle. As to sighting for wild life, lots of coral fish, sea mammals, and birds I haven’t seen before. Together makes this journey one successful nature expedition.

On a side, it was great experience of sociology. I have been touched by stories of the early settlers, Anglicanism, the war, modern life of islanders, and travelers lime myself. Only thing I regret is not about bonefihs, but I should have come to Ogasawara Archipelago long time ago.

Now, let’s make overview on what it’s like from Port Futami to Port Takeshiba in the metropolis.


1. Port Futami, Chichi Island, Tokyo

Beginning of 25 hour journey on ferry. Last minute chance to enjoy the hospitality of islanders and sighting of marine animals. I have sighted hummerhead shark along the coast.


2. From Ogasawara Archipelago to Izu Archipelago

There is a huge void between archipelagos of Ogasawara and Izu. There is no mobile signal over hours. Truly in the middle of Pacific with deep blue ocean.


3. Izu Archipelago

You can get good signal on mobile when the ferry is passing by Hachijo Island. Then here and there as you approach closer to any of the chain of islands. There is Black Current flowing across the archipelago which sometimes causes quite a roll.


4. Sagami Gulf

Once the ferry reaches the gulf, then you receive mobile signal at ease from either Boso Peninsula in Chiba then Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa.


5. Tokyo Bay

Colour of water changes from blue to green, then green to brown as the ferry gets closer back to the metropolis. 4G network? No problem at all. I actually managed to do a short conference call with my colleagues.


6. Port of Tokyo: Takeshiba Passenger Ship Terminal, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Then back to the metropolis. Terminal is only minutes walk away from the choice of three train stations: Takeshiba, Hamamatsu-cho, and Daimon.


This concludes my 13 day journey to Ogasawara Archipelago. Now I am working on my little project to increase the amount of information for fly fishing on the island. In time, I will return for more productive fishing.

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