2013/9/23 Lake Nojiri – Day 2

IMG_20130923_054603579Didn’t intend to wake so early, but my next door lodger woke me up around 4 am to head out for jogging. After I boiled water and took hot noodle breakfast, I looked out of my room window and found great view of the lake. Staying at Spin Naker does not only make things easy for early start up for bass fishing from marina, but it also provides great comfort and sight.


When I slowly walked down stairs, Shin-san and Captain Igarashi, JB Top 50 bass pro, was already there making ready their tackle. They gave examination on my available tackle and only bait finesse using 6lb test line passed, but I was to borrow Shin-san’s spin tackle made for ultra light game using 2-3lb test line.


We started out the day at the waterwork where the surface of water was calm as mirror. First rig was 1/32-1/16 oz drop shot rig with small size Gulp earthworm. Shin-san managed 2 catch with this settings.


I had hard time feeling the bottom with small sinker and couldn’t make out any strike out of this method.


Next rig was Neko Rig with Reins Swamp with 1/32 oz nail sinker. Again we hauled this rig on the bottom and this time I could feel a good sense of bottom to get into this game. Then I finally got my share of bass after carefully managing the fight on 2lb line.


The reason why we use such sensitive line is to reach bottom quickly and keep sensitivity to feel the strike. This finesse setting really works to scan wary fish, but makes the fighting quite technical. I had a strike from very big fish, but he broke this thin line. And later on in other spot, I finally managed to catch 45cm bass.


This fish was tie-record to my previous catch in New York years ago on fly, but surely the largest on lure. This game of smallmouth done in such beautiful location makes the whole effort worthwhile, and I do strongly recommend trying out this fishery.

Result on Lure Fishing

Smallmouth bass x 2 by Shin-san
Smallmouth bass x 2 by me