Ogasawara Archipelago, Tokyo – Day 2

02 May Ogasawara Archipelago, Tokyo – Day 2

Morning came on board Ogasawara-maru and there was still much to go.


After the 25 hour journey from Tokyo Dock aboard Ogasawara-maru, I have landed Port Futami of Chichi Island around 11:30.


It was raining and not much to look around, so I moved on to get on board Hahajima-maru taking me to Haha Island 2 hours away from Chichi Island in further south.


Hoping to see humpback whale, but there was no sign of them.


Then a school of Indo-pacific bottlnose dolphins made warm welcome.


I finally arrived at Port Oki on Haha Island after 30 hours of continuous journey at sea.


Immediately after unloading my gears at the inn, I moved on to nearby shore for bait finesse/fly fishing.

Very first fish was awfully familiar honeycomb grouper about 22cm on jighead that was followed by much smaller grouper on fly tackle with toad fly tied on.



1 x honeycomb grouper on bait finesse
1 x honeycomb grouper on fly tackle

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