2012/5/19 Saturday Escape to Small Island

Without much sleep, I left home around 4am without waking my family and walked down to the tube station in my town. Morning train took me to bay area where I walked to the end of waterfront park where I got picked up on shuttle boat to the small island in Tokyo Bay.

A step off the boat, there is welcome sign of “Do Not Enter”. A veteran fisherman who does river fly fishing told me that means pricks can’t enter, but people with appreciation are always welcome. That made me wonder if that’s the case at Heaven’s Gate as well. Never mind. I came for fishing.

There are all sorts of species you can meet. I tried my 6wt with type 4 sinking head + monofilament running line for rock fish first. Very first fly I dropped was immediately responded by a strike, but I couldn’t set hook. There wasn’t second chance that day.

When I switched to my 8wt with intermedia line for sea perches,  the veteran fisherman on the end of the breakwater asked me, if I could make something out of the school of fish he found. I saw the baitfish around 2-3cm long, so I tied my last Mikura Candy left in the corner of flybox.  I cast it about 25m then let it sink to 1m. I wasn’t ready for what happened next.

3 sea perches out of nowhere chased my fly hard and one of them took it. I immediately set hook, which was far stronger than neccessary, so the tippet broke in few seconds.  After that, dozen fish came close to my fly, but none took further step.

I saw a good potential with this place, but I didn’t push too hard for I didn’t want to bother fish needlessly. I slept more than 5 hours while enjoyed being on the other side of sea. Quest to new location and escape from failing system were already enough to make perfect Saturday knowing Sunday will save me further.


Rockfish: 1 strike no catch
Sea perch: 1 strike no catch
Liberation: a dozen moment I felt like human, not resource