2012/12/15 Proper Day of Fly Fishing & Country Time in the Proximity of Residential Area

This city has far too many cables and concrete walls. If you were a bird, Tokyo is one huge bird cage. Very clean cage that is with well behaving birds making humble days, but deep inside that bird something is whispering. “Let me fly. Let me fly. Let me fly back to countryside”. Everyday you push down that inner voice and pay your way into tube for money, into convenient store for hungry stomach, and perhaps into social conduct that just can’t satisfy what the little voice says.


That’s when you ought to put your heart and mind together for a day into countryside. Forget worrying about getting wet. Forget recharging your mobile. Just put yourself where you want to be and what you want to do.


We called out for more to come on our Facebook page (now with 500 likes!), but none answered. So be it. Today, we came to Fish On! Ozenji fishery as s pair of dodgy looking French and Japanese looking for


some good time


and food for dinner.


Thanks to a kind gentleman named Dave who tipped us green works good here today. Lou caught more than 10 fish including 2 good keepers and I caught about 8 fish including 1 very good keeper which I told my sons “salmon” they ordered for. This fishery makes you almost forget this is still right in the middle of residential area near Tokyo, but the view is almost authentic.


Then back to the “village” right in the middle of another residential area deep inside Tokyo.  We put the fish into Weber Grill and made the waiting worthwhile with foie gras en terrine and Rhone wine. Trout came back with wonderfully countryside flavor which brings an end to this day in completion.

Let us know, if you would like to join next time.
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