2012/9/8 Lazy or Busy? Energy Efficiency in Fly Fishing

On our way to Railway Museum, my son and I stopped by Asaka Garden fishpond for 3 hour trout fishing. The temperature was above 30 degree C and we had to go back and fourth between our car with air conditioning and outside fishing.

Then my son had an idea and found a good lazy fly fishing from camping chair with roll cast, a hare’s ear nymph, and a strike indicator.
Clever. But does it really work?

Guess it does!

I went on busy sight fishing with maggot fly and caught 6 trouts as my son sat down and caught 3. Sometimes you don’t have to make all that effort to get what you want.


Let’s pretend that we could use a formula to define the efficiency in fishing.
Number of Fish x Energy Conservation Rate

3 fish x energy saving of 80% = 2.4 fishing efficiency

6 fish x energy saving of 20% =1.2 fishing efficiency


Lazy-san is +100% more efficient angler than busy-san.