Trip to Spring Mountain Creek – Uratanzawa, Kanagawa

2011/3/6 Trip to Spring Mountain Creek – Uratanzawa, Kanagawa

It’s been sometimes I took Shun out to practice and he needed to try out his 6wt tackle he acquired while ago.
Matt never took the joy of outing to countryside of Japan, so we set out together for fly fishing day trip to Tanzawa.

Matt wanted to go straight into fishing, so I gave quick basics for jump start.
Somehow, his casting style ended up in cross over between overhead and spey cast.
No D loop formed for backcast, yet very strong forward shoot to deliver  fly to where he wants.

Shun started out with perfect casting form after quick practice, then fell into unconscious loose wrist.
Which gave his arm much fatigue and even blister on his thumb. Then it forced him to learn
relaxed form with tight grip at his wrist. He got the idea and he’ll cast alright from next trip for sure.

When casting and presentation were both properly executed, fish rewarded two gents with excitement of fight.
Matt caught 3 rainbow trouts and Shun caught 1 white spotted char on nymph.

I only caught 3 trouts, but managed to catch them all on dry fly which made me happy as well.
Moreover, the greatest joy is to see friends learn fly fishing and the beauty of Japanese mountain creek.


Rainbow Trout x 2
New Jedi x2

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