Singing in the Rain – Dorado Game, Sagami Bay

2011/8/21 Singing in the Rain – Dorado Game, Sagami Bay

I like rain. There are more than 100 days in rain in Tokyo, that’s nearly 1/3 of the whole year. You got to like rain. Do you like rain…?


You could hypnotize yourself into liking rain in millions of ways imaginable.
However, when it comes to fishing, it does not matter. It’s fish who like or dislike rain.

Cut the story short, dorado didn’t like the rain and they stayed uninterested in lure or fly. Nagamori-san and his girlfriend cast pencil on their spining tackle. Shino-san cast his killer anchovy candy. Martin cast his professionally tied selection of streamers. I kept switching between casting crease fly and drifting gummy minnow. No bites whatsoever!

Some stopped engaging in conversation while staying patient.

Some prayed for miracle to happen.

One man kept whistling in the rain and then caught what he came for!

Another moment of miracle! 90cm dorado fought and landed!
Well..  all with live pilchard. Everyone in the first half had no chance, but with live bait to catch dorados in 50-90cm sizes.

Nothing seemed to work at all until I remembered I brought a fly for pike. Pike fly on dorado? Why not? After all, they are just fish.

So I tied this 15cm long pile of Flashabou which strongly resemble Christmas ornament on the end of my switch rod. I kept banging, banging, and banging. Dorados from all over came to check it out. Some tried to attack my fly, but soon they figured it’s nothing more than Christmas ornament (of course!).  My silly attempt excited not only dorado, but also seagulls. I caught 2 seagulls and even a bottom of boat! What a attraction to wild creatures!

While I was teasing fish and birds, Shino-san proved his worth by carefully observing the surface, finding excited fish, and successfully catching the only fish that day on fly. 50cm dorado, but that was worth the time we spent.


Dorado loves party ornament, but they don’t identify it edible. Thus I name this fly Ornament I.


Bring dozen of hookless Ornament I and use them as dredger.


Dorado on fly — 50cm on anchovy candy by Shino-san
Dorado on pilchard — 50-90cm
Seagull on fly — x 2

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