Offshore Game – Sagami Bay

2011/6/12 Offshore Game – Sagami Bay

Upon Moto-san’s shout for “we are going out!” 2011 season for offshore boat fly fishing opened again. This time was Marui-maru whose boat is little more sophisticated with one deckhand than that of our regular Noboru0-maru who come with older boat with only captain on board. There is another boat, Aoki-maru, who come with older boat, but with really good deckhand. It’s always a choice among them three at Nagai Port, and Marui-maru is probably the most fashionable choice.

Back to the story. Original gathering time was 4am, so Andy and I got to the port night before. With much drinking and talking with little sleep, we were joined by Moto-san, Nagamori-san & Shino-san, and Harimas husband & wife. Team of 7 got on board Marui-maru and set for fishing around 6am.

First game was for dorado, but there was no sign of them after hitting 4 spots where floating obstacles of good size was present. By the way, dorado have tendency to stay around these thing for protection or snacking on small fish abundant near it. I saw only one dorado chased my small pencil lure then we saw 3 large dorados were swimming across our boat with no interest in lure or fly whatsoever. We’ve decided this was not the day for dorado.

Second game was for skipjack tuna. There were millions of seagulls on the surface waiting to grab baitfish chased by blue predators, but skipjacks didn’t come afloat much and we had only one occasion in which we spotted skipjacks’ back out of surface in a moment. All the blitz were of blue mackerels. They were in good sizes between 30cm and 50cm, so we made the game.

This is when bringing 8wt or 9wt would come handy for funs of fighting blue mackerel is the speed not the brute force like tunas. Let’s see how we do next time.


Blue mackerels x dozens and more

  • fishordie
    Posted at 10:56h, 20 June

    Well, well, too bad the bonito weren’t all that interested in the sardines, not to mention our flies. I hear that they are gone from the bay now. So, we will have to wait till they return from the north in Sep or Oct. No worry regarding the mahi, though. They are in and increasing in number in the bay. They will stick around till Sep to entertain us. By the way, those blue mackerel are strong for their size! I sure wish they were to grow to 5kg.