Herrings – Jougashima Island, Kanagawa

2011/8/7 Herrings – Jougashima Island, Kanagawa

As I took my sons to our relative’s summer house in Miura, I had 90 minutes window all the sudden. I could have nice Sunday afternoon nap, but my urge to fly fish was bit too strong. So, I grabbed by 4wt outfit and headed to Jougashima Island only 5 minutes ride away.

Ocean looked bit angry today from upcoming typhoon and the pool in the dock looked too murky to fish unless I ache for hooking seaweeds. It’s not particularly a good idea to deal with seaweed on 4wt rod, so I looked to ocean side. I noticed nervous water on the surface which turned out to be……

School of round herrings. They didn’t take my #20 UV maggot too well on surface, so I actually had to cast away, countdown, then retrieve. Although these fish don’t grow any larger than 15cm, strike was somewhat enjoyable.

I must admit that this game is not for everyone, but using weak rod with micro size fly can make your day a bit. I wish I had 000wt rod from Sage which could probably make this tiny fish feel like mackerel.


Round herring x 5

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