Micro Fly Fishing – Jogashima, Kanagawa

2011/5/1 Micro Fly Fishing – Jogashima, Kanagawa

My family went out for Golden Week vacation at our relative’s cottage in the southern end of Miura Peninsula.
I usually fish the small cape made of rocky reef or fisherman’s dock down in small village, but I thought of trying out something new this time.

Jogashima Island is the southern most island of Kanagawa sticking out into the Pacific ocean. Located right between the mouth of two bays, Tokyo Bay and Sagami Bay, it’s a fine location for both native or travelling fish passing by.

Going after big fish here is a story some other time. The very spot I was looking for was small fishery I could comfortably fish with my 4wt ultra light saltwater tackle.

Pool like this with quiet clear water is ideal location where you could enjoy sight fishing with midge nymph, as long as you don’t question the size of fish.
I caught about a dozen of gnomefish around 12cm. It’s not so much of fighting the fish, but it’s addictive moment of seeing fish chasing your fly hard.

On the other side of the small dock forming pool, there is a cove about 3-5m deep with weed bed. It seems good spot for rockfish.
The passage shown on the right hand side leads to the eastern then southern side of the island where you could cast hard lure for blue runners (water is bit too fast and  far for fly fishing).

Not big game fishery, but fun fishery for sure. Summer may bring different species, so I’ll come back for more research.


– Gnome fish x 12-14 (mostly under 10cm) on Micro UV Nymph

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