Crossroad of Northern and Southern Fish – Yokohama Bay

2011/1/10 Crossroad of Northern and Southern Fish – Yokohama Bay

Last year end trip to Okinawa didn’t turn out satisfactory due to having flu in exceptionally cold weather. So, new year’s first trip had to cover “ultra light”, “sight fishing”, and “sensitive”. I had new 4wt tackle, so the only thing I had to do is to call the good Captain Shikanai simple question; “what’s the game?”.

Well, the game he told me was exactly what I was looking for, so without hesitation, I drove to Yokohama for his Pallas FGS. We sailed out around 3 in the afternoon and headed for a spot where current of warm water runs out from power plant and factories. Heated water is exhausted into small water area where water mix with sea water to create similar to brackish water which is ideal to host traveling species from the south who are left off after they wonder out in summer on Kuroshio Current which carried them all the way from southern sea.

First game was fly fishing for southern species in this warm water exhaust. On my very fast cast, I saw small alien-like creatures chasing my fly hard. They turned out to be double spotted queenfish who visit this coast every year, but last hot summer water brought the largest school ever observed.

Carefully casting away from them for a while, then small blitz began to occur in the area which turned out to be trevallies.

Later on, we moved out of warm water area into winter cold water area where rockfish of northern descends resides. It’s amazing that you get to enjoy both southern and northern fish in small area, and I was quite thankful to be able to enjoy the opportunity.


Double Spotted Queenfish x 1
Tille Trevally x 5
Rockfish x 3
Seabass x 1

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