Bass Pond with Fly – Ongata, Tokyo

2011/2/26 Bass Pond with Fly – Ongata, Tokyo

Warmth grows day by day, and there is so much pollen floating in the air that causes sneezing and itchy eye. Last thing you want to do is to go outside in the middle of it. I called Toshi who was also suffering from the same allergy and told me there is no way I could pull him out to do something outside. We concluded that fishing was not the play of the day. Toshi headed to Gold Gym, and I headed back to watch new episode of SuperNatural Season 6. It’s sometimes better not to engage in silly outdoor thing. But we went fishing anyway.

15 minutes after we arrived at Ongata Bass Fishing Pond, Toshi caught the first bass on marabou streamer.
But then bass learned that pattern quickly and stopped reacting. It had to be either the speed or the profile of fly.

So, I switched to 4wt with type VI line and tied gummy minnow. Sank the line down to bottom, and changed the stripping fast enough for the minnow to create rhythmic vibration.

Then I caught 3 bass in row. Bottom and enough speed to mimic darting minnow was the trick.

Pond master came around with bucket and splashed water  all over surface. That created a shower effect which resembles darting school of minnows. Bass went crazy and every cast caught a fish.


Bass on lure – none
Bass on fly – 5

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