Andy’s Debut in Saltwater Fly Fishing – Yokohama Bay

23 Jan Andy’s Debut in Saltwater Fly Fishing – Yokohama Bay

Last double feature trip on Pallas FGS was absolutely fun. So, I ought to share this with member of TFFCC.
Andy and I started little earlier to go over the basics of fly fishing from boat in the dark, then moved onto dock to meet the captain.

Unfortunately, the location for late afternoon tevallies are completely outrun by mullets and no sign of them whatsoever (died out?). So, we moved on to night sea bass game.  Andy’s latest “8wt” rod wasn’t making optimal performance, so he switched to 6wt instead. Then…

Bam! His first seabass on a fly rod! Hit pattern was white rabbit zonker around size 8.
There was rushing hour of seabass attacking Andy’s fly, but he was having bit of trouble not getting strike.
In case like that, you only have to correct the motion of fly into the right one. This time, it was smooth slow long pull.

Bam, bam, bam! Andy got a hang of it and kept catching one after another.

I had to keep up with his mighty pace! Here is my first catch of the night. Nearly 50cm.

And caught some rockfish up to 21cm to replace my current record in
2011 Rockfish Darby in which I’m only around 3rd position. In this small tournament,
you ought to refresh your record with 3x longest fish. This is already harder than I thought…


Andy: seabass x 7 including one that’s over 50cm
Hide: seabass x 4 and rockfish x 3