Scouting Izu – Eastern Izu, Shizuoka

2010/4/4 Scouting Izu – Eastern Izu, Shizuoka

My wife and kids are away for spring vacation to her home in Kyoto, so I took the benefit of going out and scouted the Izu for the feasability of game.


I arrived the town of Ito around 6:00 when tide was receeding. I took my 6wt floating tackle to
Esutary of Ito River. Tried cast & turn for seabass extensively for half an hour, but no fish chasing copper frede.


Rocky reef of Jogasaki. No space to execute comfortable casting, moreover, it is realy difficult to read the tide and drift the fly into designated spot. When I hit the right presentation, small blackfish answered. Fish came off hook when I tried to pull it up to higher ground. I need to upgrade my equipment including reef net, if I get serious in this game.


I wanted to try for the game of flathead seabass in sunset hours, so I moved on to the coast of Osawa and Hokkwa. By the time I got there, I felt too exhausted to go on. Instead, I went straight to hot spring bath then lied down on the back of car to take a nap which extended to next morning.  It must be weeks of hard work, long driving, and casting all day. I haven’t slept this deep for such long time. I should try this from time to time.

Next Action?

Not a great fishing trip, but I’ve found a spot where I could stay for reef game and hot spring bath. This will be my station for next trip on which is worth discovering. Wading equipment and reef equipment have to be upgraded to keep me away from danger at the same time become efficient in fishing. There is difinitely new fun wating in this game, so let’s see how it goes this year.

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