Night Game – Yokohama Bay, Kanagawa

2010/4/19 Night Game – Yokohama Bay, Kanagawa

Andy, Shun, I headed out to Yokohama Bay for seabasse night game from boat. Our choice, as usual, one and only Pallas FGS.

Andy, primarily a saltwater angler, was excited for his first time for lure on Japanese seabass. He’s already got his saltwater lure casting tackle and ready for action.

Shun, on the otherhand, blew everyone’s mind by stating after 10 mintues of onboard telling captain, "So, what are we going to catch tonight?" LOL. 

(Photography by Pallas)

After getting out of struggle to cast on spinning tackle with accuracy, Andy acquired his trophy fish. 55cm seabass on plug!

(Photography by Pallas)

I kept cathing small size bass, but I had to catch at least one fish in good size. Fiannly, 55cm seabass on floating minnow pattern.


Shun caught his first seabass around 30cm which he didn’t appreciate much due to catching 60cm rainbow trout in fish pond last month (that’s not officially counts as "catch"…man…).

Anyway, the point is everyone had his time to end the hard working week with perefect recreations.

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