Morning Fun at Asaka Garden – Asaka, Saitama

21 Aug Morning Fun at Asaka Garden – Asaka, Saitama

New Yamate Tunnel which runs underneath Yamate Blvd now connect Metropolitan Highway 3, 4, and 5 help drivers to access the edge of Tokyo within 20-30 minutes. Asaka Garden, trout fishery, is now only 30 minutes away from my home with minimum toll. With their 3 hour ticket with a discount on condition you show them your membership card, AsakaGarden means 3,500 JPY per visit including tolls.


I went there alone once, and I took Andy this time to share this great deal.


Andy had become very confident in fly casting, althogh he had gone to fly fishing only few times. So, we decided to start the game with dry fly which requires good cast to let leader present fly softly on surface. Fish weren’t in the mood to take things on surface, so we switched to nymph.


Tada! Andy got his rainbow trout and brook trout in a row.


One thing about trout fishery in Japan is that it is stocked with enough fish in very good quality. If fishery in England is built for fairplay, fishery in Japan is built for satisfaction. The former is designed to make you bite your lip, the former is designed to make your fish bite the hook?

Anyway, thanks to very kind gents who helped us unique way to win in this pond, we both got satisfactory number of trouts in 3 hours.