Early Hours – Yokohama Bay, Kanagawa

2010/4/12 Early Hours – Yokohama Bay, Kanagawa

I got call from Edwin who wanted a boarding mate on Pallas FGS. It was bit difficult timing for me for I was having weekend event to attend, but what the hell. When man gotta fish, man gotta fish. We headed to Yokohama and boat left a dock at 2:00 and game contiued until dawn.

(Photo by Pallas FGS)

It was Edwin who caught the first fish of the morning. He set his tackle with intermediate line with rabbit zonker which turned out to be the best match of the time. On the other hand, I set my sinking tackle with type 4 with streamer and floating tackle with top water minnow. Sinking was too fast sinking to hit the right depth and floating tackle didn’t yield any result until…

(Photo by Pallas FGS)

Seabass became actively feeding on surface as baitfish came along. There was a time when one cast yielded one fish. I caught at least 20 bass and I assumed Edwin caught more than that.

Result (by me)

Floating Tackle with Iwai Minnow: 20+ seabass in 40-50cm
Sinking Tackle with Zonker: 2 seabass in 30-40cm

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