Cold Winter Caravan Trip in Okinawa

2010/12/31 Cold Winter Caravan Trip in Okinawa

It had been busy 2010 and cold winter was coming towards Japan, so my family decided to make runaway trip to Okinawa. We had been in Okinawa for 3 times before, but this time we moved about on motor caravan which works as both transportation and cabin. Everything was planned and set as intended, except… the weather.

It looked just like any other winter visit to Okinawa, but we didn’t feel much moisture from the wind which felt like ordinary Northern wind from the continent.

Yet the first day passed comfortably, so we lowered our caution against the fact that we were still very much camping out in winter on the island where wind blows very fast. One by one, we all caught cold. Before it came to my turn, I managed to run 2 fishing session each only about 1 hour.

I caught 3 trumpet fish at Bise and 2 honeycomb groupers at Kourijima Island. Fish seemed to be turned off by the cold wind lowering the temperature of shallow water, so I can’t say this wasn’t satisfying.

But I’d like to say that returning flight to home city of Tokyo was one of the best I ever had.


Blue trumpet fish x 3
Honeycomb grouper x 2
High fever above 39 degree x 3
Orion Beer x only 3 (impossible)