Angling in England – River Avon

2010/8/2 Angling in England – River Avon

I went straight to check how River Avon was minute after I arrived the old English town of Malmesbury in the evening of 22nd July. River Avon is known for being the river managed by famous fly angler, Frank Sawyer, who gave birth to the pattern: Pheasant Tail Nymph. The nymphing technique was designed to be presented naturally to wary fish living in chalk stream.


But that River Avon is bit far away from where I stayed, so I searched over a week for what species roam in this water. There were many roaches (very similar to Japanese ugui) and few baby size pikes.


Roaches after roaches. I presented all the nymph patterns I could bring, from classic pheasant tail to modern UV hare’s ear nymphNo .


No matter how you present the fly at them, they just peck at it without taking it.


Point after point. Day by day. I casted as much as spare time allowed me..


But I couldn’t set hook on signle roach I found.


River Avon behind the abbey: 0
River Avon by the fire department: 0
River Avon by the bridge: 0

English fish were mean… very mean…

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