A Day of Compleat Angling: Fish On Shishidome – Tsuru, Yamanashi

2010/2/13 A Day of Compleat Angling: Fish On Shishidome – Tsuru, Yamanashi

Party of 5 left Tokyo after Friday’s work and headed to town of Tsuru in Yamanashi. 2 guys headed earlier on train which took them 200 mintues and 3 left on car which took about 90 minutes and arrived the town just about the same time:)

We enjoyed Korean BBQ, lots of beer, and stayed at log cabin for the night. Comparison with good ‘ol American log cabin, 3 times more density for population.


Breakfast conference to go over the fundamental of fly casting while enjoying the beautiful snowy scenery.


Then went on to practice in parking lot for “Pick Up & Lay Down” to execute the basic casting mechanism. How to load the rod and let the rod cast the line.


Into false casting to feel the tension of the line and learn the tempo of back and fourth. Doing so by the river raise the motivation high.


Then everyone was ready for his time for angling with artificial flies.


Everyone caught his prize of angling. Andy P, with his college time experience in trout farm, showed eveyone proper way of gutting. All of us enjoyed the additional treat of broiled trout.



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