Touring in Izu – Day 4: Dougashima – Toi – Hakone

2009/5/5 Touring in Izu – Day 4: Dougashima – Toi – Hakone

I was lucky to have 3 days of fine sunny days, but finally weather turned and it was raining from the morning. It didn’t rain that much in ther early, so I scouted the shoreline for rocky reef game.


I only saw small blowfish chasing my fly couple of times on one side. Then I checked the other side of bay.


Nice cave which I wanted to try with kayak some day, but no sign of fish whatsoever. Rain began to turn stronger, so I moved back to camp site to clear up. I could stay for another day, but there is not much I can do unless I kayak or dive in this condition, so I decided to pack up and go home.

I stopped by small ports to try my new fly for SW light game, and it successfully caught few micro blackfish and cardinal fish (new speci!). Both are incrediblly small (5cm…), so excuse me for not taking photo.


On the way back, I drove all the way back near Shuzenji for Izu Skyline heading to Ridge Jukkokku. Most of the road were mountainenous, and after reaching at Jukkoku, now the road went all the way to north to Lake Ashinoko.


I took a rest at Lake Ashinoko and stopped by the booth of Kurosawa Boat for information on fishery. Mrs. Kurosawa told me that stock didn’t fulfill enough quantity this year for raibow trout and week or 2 early for largemouth bass. I promised to retrun on next trip and headed straight back to home.


As I move back to big city, I thought back of this tour which gave me only simple task of fishing and camping which did not offer any luxury of life at all. On the other hand, this tour relaxed me like I haven’t felt for a long time. All it took were a slice of bread, a cup of wine, and a touch of wilderness. I should keep this in mind as I return to the world of consumption which constantly talks about "earn" and "spend". Bullocks. I should do this tour with my friends next time, so that more city folks can experience the same ease and relaxation.


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