Touring in Izu – Day 3: Matsukawa River – Western Izu

2009/5/4 Touring in Izu – Day 3: Matsukawa River – Western Izu

Got up early 4:30 in the morning to prepare breakfast before day’s fishing. It was chilly and I was amazed that 20 minutes drive away from ocean, Izu has mountain streams of such. I cooked hot ham and cheese sandwich, corn soup and hot coffee which pretty much set me fine.


I have already caught 3 small chars last night, so my main aim was for amago or big raibows.


I caught and release 6 beautiful amagos. Note the small red spots that make distinct beauty. I found a big one in 30cm’s swimming all the way back under the shades, so I took patiently 30 minutes luring it out to feeding position, and presented my fly for it to take. I got it hooked, but it fought hard. I couldn’t land it… I was inch close to overwrite my personal record… This proves that you always need to make yourself 120% ready.


Then sun rose high and I caught 6 yamames. Yamame? Wait a minute. Come to think of it, this water is supporsed to hold only amago and raibow trouts. Instead, I caught chars and yamames as well. Someone must have placed a wrong order, but I liked it anyway.


Way past the noon, at all the way top in the stream, I found biiiig trout sitting in water not moving at all. It ignored 6 fly patterns including nymph, so I stalked really closed to it to examine it. It seemed that it was big iwana (char) holding its position looking like protecting egg or resting after big meal. Either way, I decided to leave it alone and finish the day of fishing.

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P1010772 Moving to the Western Part of Izu

I packed up and headed to westbound for the night’s destination. I never visited any western part of Izu, so I marked at village of Dogashima. Mountain road from Ito to Shuzenji where Kanogawa River runs, Shuazenji to Toi which holds ferry port. All hot spring location and fisheries tempted me, but I stayed on for 2 hours to the other side of the penninsula.

Then I continued on to check for camp sites from Matsuzaki to Toda. I accidentally found a wonderful spot where goups of people camp for kayaking and diving and fishing. I now wanna get the one for myself too – gotta check some inflatable fishing kayak reviews, I believe.


Sun was setting, so I quickly built my site and prepared charcoils for BBQ dinner. Mashrooms, meat, sausages… you name it I ate it! Great thing was that the group of kayakers invited me to their supper. Tribe led by the family of Matheus, Aki, and their wonderful 2 children. Michael and Rachel. Peter. They shared me their international treat of wines and sausages.

P1010784This night, I didn’t need hot spring’s relaxation to help me sleep, and I slept tight til next morning.

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